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Data Exchange - Privacy Policy

Authors list privacy policy

The following terms apply to, in addition to the main privacy policy which is described in

Purpose of the website is a secure file upload facility, used by our clients in order to securely exchange files with Foregenix as part of our security B2B services. The website is not open to the general public, that is requires an active logon in order to be used. Access at all levels is subject to a strict approval process.

Types of data collected

For each user, we are storing the following information in our systems

  • A unique user id for the upload facility, generated by our support and communicated to the user after their account has been created. 
  • User’s name and company affiliation.
  • User’s email address for identifying the user within our support portal. Work email address is preferred.
  • User’s mobile phone number that is used by our support for sending out temporary passwords.  Work mobile phone is preferred.
  • Session and upload/download logs. Data Exchange is a secure, audited facility and all activity is recorded.

Users can be added or modified in bulk, with the details provided by our primary contact within the client company. For example, it is typically the primary contact who will send us a subordinate’s name and mobile phone along with the request to create an account for them. All data subjects consent to their data being collected and used in the manner described above. When submitting data on behalf of others, the primary contact acknowledges that they have obtained such consent. Any submission of an individual’s personal data to us without their consent, either accidentally or maliciously, must be reported to immediately and we will be sure to remove the data as soon as possible. Because of the way the service works, personal data (contact details) stored must be accurate, therefore requests for corrections will be honored as a matter of priority. 

All personal data described above are stored encrypted and can be accessed by authorized personnel only, within our hardened and audited environment. Data will be retained for a minimum period of 5 years. It will never be shared with third parties, unless required by law.