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Does FGX-WAF support HTTP/2? - Knowledgebase / FGX WAF - Foregenix Customer Support

Does FGX-WAF support HTTP/2?

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HTTP/2 is supported between the client and the WAF. Incoming HTTP/2 requests will be automatically downgraded to HTTP/1.1 before being forwarded to your server. You server will always see HTTP/1.1 traffic and users will not experience any disruption since the conversion is completely seamless.

HTTP/2 connections will persist for up to several minutes and be reused multiple times, saving clients from the overhead of establishing a new connection in order to download each asset from the page. This generally results in significant performance gains compared to HTTP 1.1, especially when content is served from the WAF cache.  

We do not support bidirectional HTTP/2 features such as server push. Such features are incompatible on a fundamental level with a reverse proxy solution such as the FGX-Web Web Application Firewall. Therefore, we do not have immediate plans for supporting such features currently.