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How Do I Access Data Exchange? - Knowledgebase / DataExchange - Foregenix Customer Support

How Do I Access Data Exchange?

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As part of the initial setup you will get an email containing your username as well as the link to our Data Exchange Portal, access is through a secure web portal and will require a modern browser to access it.


Access URL for DataExchange:
Username: [CompanyName]-[Username]
Password: Is sent via a sperate channel.


When you access the webportal you will get prompted to logon and will see a screen simular to the one below:





If you did not get your password you have two options available to you.


  1. Request a new password from our support team ( ), please allow 4-8 hours for the request to be processed.
  2. Use the self self service link to request a reset password, this method is often teh quickest and it will be sent to your email address if it has been registered on our system.