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How do I add an exception (whitelist) for an IP address? - Knowledgebase / FGX WAF - Foregenix Customer Support

How do I add an exception (whitelist) for an IP address?

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Sometimes it may be useful to add an exception to the firewall that will allow traffic from a specific IP address to pass through without being checked against the firewall rules. If you wish to do this, you can do so from the FGX-Web Portal.

First, open the portal and browse to your firewall configuration under Management -> WAF Configuration


Next, select the Advanced Settings tab and on the bottom right hand side there is a box for “Whitelisted IPs”. Here you can enter the IP you want to add an exception for and then click Add to add it to the list.

Note: Be sure to click the save button near the bottom of the page after you are done adding IPs to the list. If you don’t the settings will not be updated.

After you click the Save button the settings will update almost immediately. It is important to remember that any IPs whitelisted will not have their traffic to your site monitored by the WAF, so only trusted IPs should be added to the whitelist.