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I locked myself out

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This scenario is highly likely in the following cases: 

  1. You (or somebody else in your office) tried too many times to logon to your website with invalid credentials, for example because they did not remember their password. After a number of attempts, you are now seeing the "Website not available" error. 
  2. You (or somebody else in your office) saw the "FGXWeb - Unauthorised Access Request" page quite a few times and you are now seeing the "Website not available" error.

When an IP is blocked too many times, the WAF will automatically ban it for a short period and respond to its requests with "site is not accessible" responses. This tends to happen to website owners quite often, since administrative activity is very likely to trigger WAF rules (unless it comes from a whitelisted IP).  

 In that case, first whitelist your IP in the WAF settings to prevent it from triggering any more rules. Then, wait about 10 minutes for the automatic ban to expire and then try accessing the site again. If you need to access your website urgently, please set the WAF to alerting mode temporarily.  Please do not forget to revert to protect mode after the storm has passed. If the WAF insists on blocking you, please reach out to Foregenix support. Although extremely rare, it could be that your IP found itself in one of the automatically generated "bad sources" list used by the WAF. Please make sure to include your IP in your support request.