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Oregon Dashboard

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Dashboard Summary

The Oregon dashboard provides a summary of the various projects that a user has access to. There is a top-level summary showing the following:

  • Active Projects - All projects that are currently being worked on or are prepped to start soon
  • Not Started - Total projects that have not been scheduled yet
  • In Progress - Projects that are currently under way and are being actively worked on
  • Submitted to AQM – The project is has been submitted to the SSC AQM team. This only applies to certain project types. P2PE, PADSS, SSF
  • On hold - All projects that have been put on hold by Foregenix or the Client. No work packages will be active while a project is in this status
  • Completed – The project has been completed and currently being invoiced and finalized.

Dashboard - Project List

  • The dashboard has a tabbed view below the Dashboard Summary. The first tab is the Latest Projects list. This list contains a top level summary of the Active Projects and includes basic information like:
  • Organization – Name of the organization the project belongs to. This is provided as there may be a hierarchical structure of Organizations that the user has access to.
  • Contract – The specific contract that the project belongs to
  • Project – The name of the project
  • Project ID – Internal ID used for tracking purposes
  • Location – Global location where the project is being completed
  • Assessors – This is a list of the Foregenix Assessors that are assigned to do work on the project
  • Start and End Date of scheduled work
  • Expected End Date – This is a date that has been agreed upon by Foregenix and the client
  • Project Deadline – A date by which the project must be completed. This is normally set when there is a compliance deadline that need to be met. If not needed it is just shown as a dash -.
  • Status 
    • Not Started
    • In Progress
    • SSC Submission
    • On Hold – The project has been placed on hold until further notice
    • Completed



Grid Filtering: 

  • You can filter the Project List by entering text into the text boxes in each column
  • If you hover over text in the grid, you will see a popup which will allow you to do a quick filter in the list.
  •  If you click the funnel  icon, the text will be placed into the textbox at the top of the column and filter accordingly.
  • If you click the copy  icon the text will be placed into your clipboard for you to use as needed.

Column Selection:

If you are only interested in specific columsn you can choose only the columns that interest you by clicking the  Columns Button

Dashboard - Project Board

The project Board tab provides a column view of all the projects. The columns are as follows:

  • Upcoming - These projects have work packages that are due to start in the next 14 days
  • In Progress - Someone has already started wok on this project
  • On Hold - Projects hat have been placed on hold until a later date
  • Completed - The project work packages have all been completed

Dashboard Contract List

This tab provides a summary of all active contracts for the client.