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Oregon Project Scoping

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Project Scoping provides the client with the ability to request a new Project from Foregenix. The client will provide all the details they can initially and then Foregenix will work closely with the client to scope out the new project.

Project Scoping Request

A new Project scoping request can be initiated from the main dashboard by clicking the Add Project Scoping button on the top right of the screen.

The client can also add a new Project Scoping request on the Project Scoping page which is accessed from the main menu on the left.

After clicking Add Project Scoping the client must select the type of Project they would like. This could be anyone of the following:

  • P2PE
  • PCI 3DS
  • Penetration test for a Web Application
  • Penetration Test Infrastructure

Please complete as much information as you can across the 3 tabs. 

  • Company Information
  • Service Information
  • Additional Information

Click the Save button on the top right once you have entered all the information.